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February 23, 2009

Activity report from my run in North Carolina

Here are the details from my quick run yesterday in Raleigh, NC. Would love to go back when I have more time. Greg uses the trails for his 3-hour runs. No doubt why he is a strong runner.

December 6, 2008

2008 OUC Half Marathon

2008 OUC Half Marathon

No races as training runs for Marshall.

Tried to reign it in, and I did for the most part, but I still averaged 12 seconds per mile faster than plan. The first 5 miles I started at 7:20 and descended to 7:14. At that point I made a conscious effort to not be an idiot.

I pulled back and ran very consistent and smooth 7:23 splits for the rest of the race except for the 9th mile, which was a slow 7:29. Finishing time was 1:37:18.

It was warmer and more humid than the Outback, but for the most part conditions were very nice.

I don't think I destroyed the legs. Even though the competitive nature of racing made me run harder, I am glad I was able to shut it down and not run as hard as I could have.

So, 2 half marathon in 9 days with a 20-mile training run sandwiched in the middle. I am ready to start tapering and run a strong Jacksonville Marathon!

July 23, 2008

Looking forward to hiking part of the Benton MacKaye Trail in August

The cabin we are staying in is very near the Benton MacKaye Trail.

June 3, 2007

First day in Minneapolis

Here is a Google Map detailing my adventures in Minneapolis.

Training - Minneapolis 6-3-2007Went for a 10.5 mile run this morning using the Kenwood Parkway and down around the Chain of Lakes (KML file in Google Maps). What a great trail system! Ran for a little while with some folks who were out doing 15 miles today. She is tapering for a marathon in a couple of weeks, he is getting ready for a 50k trail run. The first couple of miles were kind of slow while I was trying to figure out where I was going, but in the middle I was able to pick up the pace as I went from the Lake of the Isles and over to Lake Calhoun. There are some really beautiful homes lining these lakes and the paths were top notch. Every mile or so there are potties and the paths have trash cans and benches everywhere. And to think I barely scratched the surface of the trails.

Photo_060307_001.jpgAfter my run, I met up with a friend and we had brunch at a local Irish Pub. Right now, I am catching up on e-mail at Dunn Brothers coffee and watching them prepare a batch of beans to roast.

This afternoon I'm heading to a couple of receptions where I'll be able to catch up with some clients. So far, I am having a good trip, but I sure do miss my girls!

March 19, 2007

Liberal college town tour

Pete was in Ann Arbor, MI over the weekend visiting our good friend Bud and taking in the local liberal flavor. Apparently he saw more than one "Impeach Bush" yard sign. This week, I'm in another bastion of liberal thought, Madison, WI. I'm looking forward to reading the opinion page of the local paper. At this rate, we need to organize a trip to Berkeley, CA or Cambridge, MA. Perhaps I'll pick up a "NPR mind in a Fox News world" bumper sticker for a couple of my training buddies.

On a non-political note, the mood here is very somber after the UW Badgers early exit from the NCAA tournament at the hands of Lon Kruger's UNLV Running Rebels. I'll never forget driving to Miami early one Sunday in 1994 so I could watch the Kruger-coached Gators defeat Boston College in an Elite Eight match-up for the right to go to the Final Four.

UPDATE: Bumper sticker sightings:
Doing my part to piss off the Religious Right
The last time we mixed religion and politics, people were burned at the stake.

These two stickers were among the 10 or so plastered to the back of a car I was behind on the way to a client. What is the friendly new PC name for atheists? Non-theist? Actually, they also had pentagram stickers on the car as well, so I guess that makes them some sort of Wiccan. They means they aren't necessarily atheists, oops, non-theists, but I can surely guarantee they aren't good 'ol fundamentalist Christians.

December 12, 2006

Sitting in the Birmingham airport

Good business trip to Birmingham. Had a series of good meetings with several prospects.

Now I have a 3 hour wait in the airport. Why?

I moved this trip several times (2 or 3 times). Everytime I changed the date, I changed my flight and hotel. Apparently, I forgot to change my car rental. So yesterday, I had a meeting planned an hour after I touched down. I go to the Hertz counter to get my car and they can't find my reservation. I can't afford to shop around to find someone who has a Taurus sitting around so I had to take whatever Hertz had available. Turns out, it was a Mazda Miata. And based on when I am going to return the car, it's going to be a 2 day rental. This is not going to be an inexpensive sales trip. Great, my boss is going to love this expense report.

Fortunately, my lunch appointment today wanted to grab an early lunch, so I went straight from lunch to the airport to try and get in in during the 1-hour grace period. When I finally returned the car, it was just beyond the grace period, but because I am a loyal Gold member, the folks at the counter adjusted my bill for one day plus a surcharge for an extra hour. Doing this saved $46, and fortunately the Birmingham airport has WiFi so I can get some work done.

November 17, 2006

Business trip to South Florida

Photo_111506_005Had to go to Hollywood, FL for a business trip. I stayed at the Seminole Hard Rock. When I checked in, I was told that the hotel was sold out. Something about a big NASCAR race in Homestead. Fortunately for me, I was only staying for one night and was upgraded to a $1,000 suite. It was pretty nice, but I would expect a little more luxury for $1,000. It was similar to the room I had when I stayed at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles a couple of years ago. Maybe a little bigger, but very similar. Nonetheless, I did get a lot of value for the $250 I paid.

September 13, 2006

Kayaking with Emily

060907_Captiva 011The family spent last week in Captiva. We always enjoy kayaking while there. This year we decided Emily was old enough to come along. She did pretty well at first, only bashing her Dad in the head a few times, but then she started to wear down towards the end. We saw lots of pelicans and other birds in the mangroves. We also paddled past the house that belonged to Ding Darling when he lived on the island.

Here is a KML file of our adventure. BTW, you no longer have to use Google Earth to open a KML file. You can now paste the link location of a KML file into Google Maps to view the file. Pretty neat!

July 28, 2006

At least I'm eating well

Gino's EastAs I said, training on the trip left a lot to be desired. However, I did get to eat at Gino's East in Chicago the night before we left. Mike and I split a medium sausage supreme pizza. No crumbled sausage for us, we got the version with the giant sausage patty. Yummy!

The Gino's East story began in 1966 when two taxi drivers and a friend, frustrated with rush hour traffic, decided to open a pizzeria just off Michigan Ave. and Superior St. in Chicago. The Original Gino's East became an instant legend with local Chicagoans, national celebrities and visitors from around the world.

Our famous deep-dish pizza tastes the same as it did back then. Each pizza is made by hand and features its own unique look. Each legendary pizza is created with a secret, golden crust, fresh vine-ripened tomatoes, and loaded with your choice of fresh ingredients. Once baked to perfection these enormous pies are brought to your table in our well-seasoned pans.

In a city known as the "Pizza Capital of the World", The Original Gino's East is still the number one pizza restaurant where customers from near and far return year after year to scribble their names into the wood and stucco walls of our flagship restaurant in downtown Chicago.

Milwaukee Brewers game

Sausages up closeMike Sinelli and I had originally planned to have dinner with a friend in the Milwaukee area. When he called at lunch and said he would have to cancel, we decided a Milwaukee Brewers game would be a good idea. As we drove to Milwaukee from Madison, I used Google SMS to find out if there would be a home game, and to get the number for the box office. I love Google SMS!

We then had to decide on dinner. At first, we thought about going to Karl Ratzsch's for dinner, but ultimately decided to eat at the park. We grabbed bratwurst's at the TGIF's inside the park. We then went and watched batting practice and the ground crew prepare the field.

The game was Ben Sheet's first game back from injury. He had a terrific outing, but left the game in the 7th with the score tied at 1. The Pirates jumped on Dave Bush in the 8th for 5 runs and won the game 6-1.

On a more important note, Guido the Italian Sausage, won the Sausage Race.

Correction: Brett Wurst, the Bratwurst, won the race.

UPDATE: I also forgot to mention that the Brewer's lone run came courtesy of a Prince Fielder home run. I got to see Bernie Brewer go down his slide.

June 12, 2006

Boston Highlights

June 3rd:

  1. PR'ed in the Harpoon Brewery 5-Miler.

June 4th:

  1. Had a terrific recovery run through the Bare Cove State Park in Hingham, MA.

  2. Hung out with Charlie Rodgers at his running store. Charlie had lots of stories to tell about road racing, Steve Prefontaine and the history of the Boston Marathon. Charlie's brother, Bill, has won the Boston Marathon and New York Marathon four times each.

June 5th:

  1. Attended a breakfast where the keyonte speaker was Rudy Giuliani. He spoke about leadership. I think he's qualified.

  2. Ran one of my favorite running routes along the Charles River in Boston.

  3. Ate dinner at one of my favorite restaurants anywhere, Mary Chung's Restaurant near the MIT campus. Yummy!

June 6th:

  1. Attended a breakfast where the speaker was Frank Abagnale. Very sobering. Might want to keep tabs on your credit report and be careful who you share personal information with.

  2. Attended a Sugarland concert. Very fun.

June 7th:
Came home to see my girls.