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June 5, 2009

Tweet up run for National Donut Day

The folks at the Carolina Godiva Track Club created a terrific race format called the "Donut Run" for their Winter Race Series. Kind of last minute, but would anyone be interested in doing a tweet up version of this tonight to celebrate National Doughnut Day?

Donut Run
5-lap event, describe rules by lap;

LAP 1 Team of 3 must stay together. All run as fast as your slow runner.
LAP 2 Same as lap 1.
LAP 3 Shed 1 runner. The shed runner will run lap 5 alone. The remaining 2 runners must stay together.
LAP 4 Shed 1 runner. He/she is done, has completed 3 circuits. The remaining runner pops off his/her best alone. After this lap, 4 completed for that specific individual, done.
LAP 5 The runner shed after lap 2 now has a crack at lap 5 alone, after hand touch.

Team time is then divided by cumulative age, called Donut Index, and rankings are made for event placing.

Lap 1
Runners 1/2/3
Lap 2
Runners 1/2/3
Lap 3
Runners 1/2
Lap 4
Runner 1
Lap 5
Runner 3

If interested, sent me a tweet @metamarshall or leave a comment on this post. If we can't pull it off tonight, maybe tomorrow evening? Donut Run followed by the Run for the Pies the following weekend. SWEET!