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April 27, 2009

MMBOP Update

IMG_4292As we checked out of IKEA, I was wondering how on earth we were going to be able to get three shopping carts of flat cardboard boxes into the back of the truck. Somehow, we managed to get everything loaded and not blow out the tires driving back to Jacksonville. Karen and I spent much of Saturday night assembling the units. Once we figured out the basics, things actually progressed fairly quickly. We are now 90% done, I just need to install the roll fronts for the cabinets. These are kind of a pain because many of the holes are not pre-drilled.

IMG_4302The other area of concern is adding the pull handles, since the holes for those are not pre-drilled either. However, Greg from Content Design Group came to my rescue and said he would build a jig for me to make it easier. Go Greg!

Karen picked up the "Healing Aloe" paint from Benjamin Moore for the walls and "Black Bean" for the built in shelves and doors to match the cabinets. Next is ordering the carpet tiles and packing up the office.

I'll also be putting some of the old book cases, hutches and filing cabinets on Craigs List in case anyone is interested in some cheap furniture. Plus I have a great old CRT to sell you!


Good progress! We've made a couple IKEA trips like that... amazing how they crunch down the furniture into those boxes.