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April 24, 2009

Coach Paul McRae

My running has improved significantly the last several months thanks to the guidance of Coach Paul McRae of Personal Running Solutions. I joke with my friends that he is using Jedi mind tricks, but he really is doing an effective job pushing me to run better. And it isn't just a matter of making me run more, instead he is reviewing my progress and giving me work-outs that will help me achieve my goals.

Today, the plan was a 2-mile time trial at the Metamile since I had to miss last nights 5k. I ran a little over a mile to warm up. Coal Paul asked me what I thought I could do and I responded that I would be happy with 13:00. He told me he had 12:30 in mind. The lump in my throat soon became a sinking feeling of dread in my stomach. We did a few strides and then we were off.

After taking a quick glance at my watch at the first mile split and seeing 6:11, I really thought I was going to die before I completed the second Metamile. He pushed me hard the second mile, literally a couple of times, and I ended up finishing in 12:30. It was painful, but it was good training to run hard while feeling tired.

If you are looking for someone to push you to achieve your personal goals, I highly recommend Coach Paul McRae.