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March 2, 2009

Once again, I prove exercise is bad for you

I went for a brainstorming run at lunch. The run went really well until I turned onto my street to head home. A neighbor was walking with her daughter and unleashed dog. I slowed up as I reached the dog, but it didn't matter. The dog snapped at my bootie putting a small hole in my shorts and leaving me with a red welt on my rear end. Thankfully, upon closer review, no blood.

By the way, I did come up with a couple of ideas. We'll see if they are any good.


Dogs! My husband got bit by one on a run a few months ago and ended up in the ED. The worst part was that it was a golden retriever. Who gets bit by a golden?? It was also in our neighborhood and now of course when we call to try and get the people to pay the ED copay they have no answering machine won't answer the phone etc. Nice.

Glad you weren't wounded.