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March 16, 2009

Great River Run

Had a great race this past Saturday, especially considering my training has been seriously hampered the last 2 months because of the broken elbow. Little or no speed work and I still came within 45 seconds of my PR. My finishing time was 1:07:55.

My splits are pretty good. I went out kind of hard to find some room (never really did) and then settled into a nice tempo in San Marco. The splits then went down a bit with the Hart bridge, but nothing dramatic.

There are some folks griping online about the distance measured by their GPS watches. It is not surprising that the watches measured the course long. With so many people on the course, it would be impossible to run the shortest distance. And with so many turns, I can't imagine being on the very inside for every corner. The only folks with a chance to run only 9.3 miles are in the very front and I don't think they wear GPS watches. It was no surprise my Garmin 305 beeped early at the first mile because I had to do a bit of weaving and jockeying to find space. And I was seeded up front. I can't imagine being towards the back and trying to work to the front. Those folks could have run 10 miles!

All in all, a terrific event. Plus a great post-race party thrown by Jacksonville Running Company capped a spectacular day!


Glad you had a good race! I did too, although not quite as swift. It was a beautiful day.

Congrats again, Marshall! Re: the course distance - it is actually an OFFICIAL 15.19K race (or something like that) which means it is a 9.4? mile course officially. So you would have seen your garmin hit a mile about .1 mile early as you were running the course.

I'm happy with my run too! I intentionally whoa'd up a bit to run the last half mile alongside Bill Rodgers. I hope the finish line photos have a clear shot of both of us! I will soooo buy that one! I could've finished maybe 30 seconds quicker, but it was worth it. As far as the distance goes, I don't recall my Garmin ever being dead-on with the advertised race distance. It's usually a bit short or a bit long depending upon the atmosphere and how many tall objects I run beneath.

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