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February 28, 2009

Ortega River Run

No expectations for this race. Since I broke my elbow 6 weeks ago, I've been able to run some but no speed or tempo work. Speed is always the first to go. I have endurance, as evidenced by being able to run the marathon 2 weeks ago after essentially a 4 week taper.

The goal today was to hit the first mile in 7:20 and then crank it down. I'm never one to stick to plans in the heat of a race. My first mile was a little under 7, and the next one was right around 7. The third mile is tough, going over the US 17 bridge. That one was slower, coming in around 7:23. I was hurting, but decided to hang on and tough it out. My fourth mile was 7:09 and then I finished it up with a 7:05 to come under 36 minutes at 35:47.

This was my first race in Mizuno Precisions and I love them. I can't wait to race in them with more speed in my legs. Very light and good feel. Plus, the just look dang fast!

Two more weeks until the Gate River Run. I am optimistic I can add some more speedwork in before then and have a respectable time.