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February 8, 2009

Old School Bike Racing, circa 1981

Old School Bike Racing, circa 1981This picture cracks me up. Dad and I built this bike for the single speed division of what I think was the predecessor to the Jacksonville Cycling Classic. It was held at FCCJ. I raced in the single speed division with this bike that featured some crazy gearing like 52-16. It was a two lap race and it took me the first lap to get up to speed. I picked off folks on the second lap and won at the finish line.

The next year, the rules were changed prohibiting drop handlebars from single speed races. I was the youngest kid in my age group that year and came in second with the same bike, sans drops.


That is great! Do you know how awesome riding fixies are??!! You need to get back on that bike and build power into the wind :) Dig the pic. Very cool post!