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February 19, 2009

Jacksonville Running Company announces group run schedule

Jacksonville Running Company has announced their group running schedule.

Group Run: Easy 3-7 mile Kenyan shuffle.

Track workout at UNF: Bring Your Light Weight Training Shoe! All levels welcome, meet at UNF Trail Head for warmup jog to the track.

Group Run: Easy 3-7 mile Kenyan shuffle.

Trivia Night Group Run: Meet for easy 3-7 miles, then head over to Hooters for Trivia at 8pm

Prediction Run: Bring $5 and leave your watch at home. It's a 5 mile loop, guess your time. Closest time win half the pot. The other half is for pizza and drinks at Hotel Indigo. Anyone can win!

It really is exciting to see alternatives in Jacksonville. I think the entire running community is going to benefit!

UPDATE: It is my understanding that the runs will leave from the store at 9823 Tapestry Park Circle, Suite 4, Jacksonville, Fl 32246. The development is so new, it's not on Google Maps yet, but it is over by Seven Bridges and Merrill Lynch. Give them a call (904.379.7170) if you need directions.

UPDATE 2: They will leave the store at 6:30 pm.


Thanks. I just switched jobs and am over in the Tinseltown area and these sound like fun. Do you know what time these runs are?

Kid, family, stroller OK? Babysitters getting expensive with a two runner household.

All the run start at 6:30. Kid and Stroller are welcome... We are looking for all skill levels 7min miles to 12min miles. Hope to see you out there.