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January 31, 2009

New Perpetuem flavor coming!

Hammer Nutrition is releasing a Caffe Latte flavor for Perpetuem, one of my favorite endurance fuels in February. Plus it includes some caffeine. Sweet!

January 30, 2009

Exercise caution . . .

Exercise caution . . .

. . . when using band aids that include "like duct tape" in the description.

January 27, 2009

Trying to maintain my fitness

With the broken elbow, missing the Tallahassee Marathon this weekend is bad enough. I am not going to quit training cold turkey.

I tried riding the trainer Sunday afternoon. I was able to get in a good workout, but it was difficult to do with my left arm while protecting the right arm. I sat up for much of the ride and put the bike in a gear where I could simulate a running cadence. My oldest daughter sat in the room and watched me for the entire workout. I think she wanted to make sure her daddy didn't hurt himself again.

This morning I went to the Y and rode the recumbent bike. This was a little better, since there is a handle on the side of the seat I could grab with my right hand. I was happy to get in a good sweat.

I now need to test out the aqua jogging. Jay says it is boring as all get out. I might even give the Wii Fit a chance to help me maintain the fitness. The jogging in place exercise is kind of hokey, but right now I'll try anything.

In terms of healing, the exercises the doctor gave me to regain my arms range of motion are really painful. My right shoulder is starting to give me some problems, most likely because my arm is often just hanging as dead weight. A massage will definitely be in order in a couple of weeks.

January 24, 2009

Smoking pork loins

I've got the charcoal chimmney fired up and the cherry wood soaking. It's time to make some BBQ! Today I'm smoking a pair of pork loins for a family get together tonight. Here is the smoking schedule.

January 21, 2009

Our birthday girl

Our birthday girl

Happy Birthday Emily!

Emily's baby pictureHappy Birthday to Emily. Today is her 8th birthday. Wow! Time flies.

January 20, 2009

Once a Runner is being re-released

I am very excited Once a Runner is being re-released in April. Up until now, if you wanted a copy, you could expect to shell out over $50. I'll be picking up a copy the day it is released, that is for sure!

January 19, 2009

So what happened?

I am now experiencing less pain in my right arm so I can actually spend a little time typing what happened yesterday afternoon.

I met up with Mike McLamb, Lyndon Box and James Cardozo at the stadium to run the River Run course as a tempo run. We had a good run with some excellent effort in the middle. Then the big finale, the Hart bridge. I'm not a fan of running the bridge when traffic is flying across. It is a harrowing experience to put it mildly.

We ran up the bridge and crested it in single file. On the way down, there is a little more room in the shoulder to spread out. Coming down, I was in the rear and heard someone step on something metallic. It made a clanging noise and I didn't think anything else about it until I heard it again. It's kind of fuzzy, but I think I heard it again, and then went down face first. Hard.

Turns out, it was a metal ring, maybe 15" in diameter. It wrapped around my ankles like a bolo. I was essentially hogtied. My right hand was a bloody pulp, it took the brunt of the fall. Both knees had terrific strawberries. When I got up, my right arm was numb. A driver going up the bridge slowed down to check on me. I gave him the thumbs up. Thanks for checking Mr. Anonymous Green Camaro Driver.

The guys had kept running and eventually turned around and saw me bent over and staggering. They jogged back up to see what was going on. Fortunately, I only had a half mile to jog back to the car.

I spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch taking ibuprofen and icing everything. The right arm is still hurting pretty badly, but I don't think it's broken. It isn't swelling, and I can move it in all directions. Although on a few occasions, bending the arm or my wrist almost brought tears to my eyes.

Today, more ice and ibuprofen. I was considering running 10 at race pace tomorrow morning, but I've changed my mind (OK, Karen changed my mind). I'm glad I am in taper-mode and can afford to take the time off. Although, the taper is a time for your body to heal the effects of training, not stupid accidents on a tempo run.

UPDATE (1/22/2009):
Went to see the doctor today. Fractured the radial crown. No cast, splint or sling. Doctor says I can run the marathon on 2/1, but if I fall the bone will break off and I'll need surgery to have screws inserted. Really bummed, but I'm not going to risk surgery so no race for me. Ultimate irony is I met my friend Owen at lunch to pick up my race shoes.

Your own bike lane?

Saw this on Joe Reger's blog. Someone developed a device that allows you to generate your own bike lane. Crazy technology, but the comments are the best!

January 16, 2009

Using the Forerunner to "track write"

Interesting article in Runner's World where a lady used her GPS watch to create a message when overlaid on a map:
Let Her Spell It Out for You

I've thought about "track writing" with my Garmin Forerunner 305. The lady in this article used a 205. A 305 has a much better antenna, so I think the results would be much better.

Here's my example with the 2 devices:

Garmin 201 - Track workout, October 2006
Garmin Forerunner 201

Garmin 305 - Track workout, November 2008
Garmin Forerunner 305

The difference in the new antenna is remarkable.

January 15, 2009

My Mizunos - 2008

My Mizunos - 2008

January 14, 2009


Of course, in Jacksonville, you would have to make sure you bought an extra tube or two for the ride home.

Mellow Johnny's Commuter Hub

Make Mellow Johnny's your commuting home base. And for $1, you get all of this.

Bike Drop
Leave your bike at the shop and the mechanics will give it a once-over or a service at your request.

Towels & soap included. Freshen up before work.

Storage Lockers
Stow your gear in a locker-bring your lock.

Free Coffee on Fridays!
No lie. Commuters get caffeine.

January 13, 2009

My experience with the Garmin 305

A friend asked me this afternoon what I thought of the Garmin Forerunner 50. I've never used the 50, which is a heart rate monitor that relies on a footpod for speed and distance. My experience with footpods is limited to the Nike+ system, and I haven't been super impressed.

Personally, I started with the Forerunner 201 (GPS but no HR) in 2004 and graduated to a 305 (GPS and HR) in December 2007. I LOVE MY 305. Amazon has them for $165. Definitely worth the extra $88 over a Forerunner 50.

In the beginning, the GPS on the 201 was kind of flaky. I spent a lot of time reviewing my tracks and correcting crazy trackpoints. On the 305, the GPS is amazing. The new antenna used in the 305 is super accurate and I really like downloading my tracks after a workout. I also use the cadence sensor on my bike, which is really nice.

In terms of size, the 305 is a little bigger than a regular watch and not that big of a deal.

Finally, the Training Center bundled with the Forerunner is junk. Get SportTracks (

And finally, ironic this is coming after my Dell rant, Garmin support is awesome.

Dell sucks

I just read in Groundswell the programs that Dell has implemented to be more customer centric and easier to work with. Well they have me fooled.

I need to replace the motherboard on my 600m. I can find a ton of motherboards on eBay, but not on So I dial 1-800-WWW-DELL. All I want to know is if they have a 600m motherboard. First I have to navigate the painful voice menu. Then I get an operator. Finally in sales, I expect to have an answer fairly quickly. No. I am being asked to confirm every piece of information I have ever given Dell. Then I am asked to confirm I am calling about the 600m, because there are several laptops linked to my name. Two 600ms and a 700m. Yes, I am confident it is the 600m that's having the problem. Why do you want to replace the 600m motherboard? What is it doing? I explain I have researched it pretty thoroughly and even confirmed my suspicions on Dells forums. WHAT IS YOUR BUDGET? As cheap as possible. What were you doing before it started acting up? What is your 700m doing? Then she gets snippy when I suggest that what my 700m is doing is not germane to the reason for my call. She says something about she was "doing me a favor" and then puts me a hold. And never picks up again. After 5 minutes or so, I'm routed back to the switchboard to start the exercise over again. I hung up and dialed in again.

This time I was connected to someone who was "much more local". He apologized, researched the part for me and gave me the price.

It took me thirty minutes to find out if they had a part and how much it costs. Some customer centric groundswell.

NOTE: Did I mention that I am repairing the 600m so that I can give it to the girls when I buy a new laptop. Very soon. And do you think I'm going to be buying a Dell?

January 12, 2009

The dawn of a new day for Jacksonville runners

Next Monday, January 19th will be an exciting day for the Jacksonville running community. That's the day Owen and Jo Shott, along with Ted Devos, open the Jacksonville Running Company. Jacksonville is already fortunate to have a great running store with 1st Place Sports. I think the addition of JRC will strengthen the running community, much like the multiple bike stores we have in town.

Good luck guys!

UPDATE: Looks like the opening has been pushed back to January 31.

Directions to JRC...
From I-95 South exit 344/ Butler Blvd. and go east. Travel 2 miles to Southside Blvd./ FL115 North exit. At first traffic light, Gate Parkway, turn right. Turn right at first traffic light, Deer Lake Drive. Second left on Deer Lake Dr. is the entrance to Tapestry Park. Jacksonville Running Co. is located 2nd door from end on right off the main road.

January 9, 2009

Head over to AC's blog and sing the UF Alma Mater with him

Florida Gators - National Champions AGAIN!!!!



UPDATE: Last night was a blast watching the Gator game with friends across the Gator Nation. During the game I was chatting with friends from Florida to Iowa and Alabama to places as far away as California and Oregon. Although it would be more fun to actually all be together for a game, with a cell phone, Twitter and Facebook account, it's almost as much fun. Go Gators! Go Gator Nation!

January 8, 2009

Recovery article by Greg McMillan

Just read this good article by Greg McMillan on developing an effective recovery routine. I just started trying out the Hammer Nutrition Recoverite powder. It's a 3:1 carbohydrate to protein powder with some amino acids blended in.

January 6, 2009

17-mile run today

Here is the route. Just an OK run. Humidity was miserable.

Playlist (in no particular order):
Back In Black -- AC/DC
Bad Medicine -- Bon Jovi
Be Still -- Story Side B
Better Days -- Citizen King
Bittersweet Symphony (remix) -- Moby
Bring Me to Life -- Evanescence
Cannonball -- The Breeders
Crank Dat Soulja Boy (Cousin Cole Remix) -- Soulja Boy
Elevation -- U2
Fly Away -- Lenny Kravitz
Glycerine -- Bush
Going Under -- Evanescence
Harley David -- The Bollock Brothers
Here I Go Again -- Whitesnake
Hold Your Head Up -- Argent
Hope To Carry On -- Caedmon's Call
Hurricane Jane (The Cansecos Remix) -- Black Kids
Leech -- Eve 6
Monkey Wrench -- Foo Fighters
My Hero -- Foo Fighters
Never Let Go -- David Crowder Band
Never Let You Go -- Third Eye Blind
Nookie -- Limp Bizkit
Numb -- U2
Plush -- Stone Temple Pilots
Shine -- Newsboys
Take Me Home Tonight (Justin Kase Remix) -- Eddie Money
The Remedy (I Won't Worry) -- Jason Mraz
The Sweet Escape -- Gwen Stefani
The World We Live In -- The Killers
This Is Your Life -- The Killers
Under the Milky Way -- The Church
We Need Each Other -- Sanctus Real
What I Didn't Know -- Athenaeum
Where The Streets Have No Name -- U2

January 3, 2009

Feeding the giraffes

Feeding the giraffes

That's a big ol' rhino

That's a big ol' rhino

January 1, 2009

Goals for 2009

Here are some stretch training goals for 2009:
Running -- 1500 miles (2008 actual -- 1025 miles)
Cycling -- 3650 miles (2008 actual -- 2784 miles)
Swimming -- 125000 yards (2008 actual -- 96900 yards)

I think in order to achieve these goals, I am going to have to change the way I do some of my training. Translation: I need to stop doing every workout near the top of my aerobic zone and letting the workout bleed into an anaerobic state. Some days need to be easier. I have no problems going hard on the hard days. Every day of training can't be a race.

I also will need to do a better job with recovery. Eating something (healthy!) the first hour after a workout. Doing active recovery workouts the day after a hard workout and not going hard again.

New training goals for 2009 (this is going to be painful):
Pull-ups -- 3650
Sit-ups -- 36500
Push-ups -- 36500

I have neglected working on my core and I will do a better job in 2009.

Race goals:
Half-Ironman -- sub-5:30 (current PR: 5:58)
Olympic -- sub-2:30 (current PR: 2:32)
Marathon -- sub-3:30 (current PR: (3:37)
Half Marathon -- sub-1:33 (current PR: (1:34)
5k -- sub-20:00 (current PR: 20:53)

The half iron and marathon goals look aggressive, but they really aren't. We'll see how close I come to the marathon goal on February 1. With the 70.3, I just need to race smarter and get nutrition right. I also think working on the swim so I get out of the water sooner will have exponential benefits for the entire race.

See you on the road (or in the pool, ugh).