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November 27, 2008

2008 Outback Half Marathon - NEW PR!

2008 Outback Half Marathon

Didn't think I had the goods going into today's race. Perhaps I have more fitness than I thought, and coupled with great weather, had one of my best races in 3 years.

I'm especially happy about the negative splits. Started out in control, and slowly racheted up the effort. The only bump in the chart is a 6-seconf differential for mile 12 that was probably caused by a congested water station that services people going two different directions.

If we have weather like today for the Jacksonville Marathon, I might have a chance to drop another PR. My marathon PR is 4 years old, and it came in my first marathon. Based on today's time (1:34:38), the McMillan calculator projects a 3:19 marathon. That would drop my PR 18 minutes. I would be satisfied coming in under 3:30.

Great race. Great weather. Great time with family. Great food. Great day. I am very thankful.