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April 29, 2008

Sounds like as much fun as a root canal

I get beat up enough trying to survive the swim in triathlon. This is not the sport for me.
A Bruising New Olympic Sport - Long Distance Open Water Swimming

April 28, 2008

300 points

I use points to compare my training volume using a system similar to one found on Gordo's website. James and I have used it in the past for epic weekends where we try to hit 100 points a day. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Running one mile -- 4 points
  • Swim 100 yards -- 1 point
  • Cycling one mile -- 1 point

Last night as I reviewed my training log, I noticed that I was within 12 points of breaking the 300 barrier. I have never broken the 300 point barrier for some reason. For the week I was at 17.6 miles running, 9800 yards swimming and 120 miles on the bike. So of course I did what had to be done. I put on the running shoes and ran 3 junk miles for nothing more than training log padding. But I would argue it was more than that. It was a huge psychological lift knowing I had broken a new barrier in the new era (last 5+ years) of MetaMarshall training. This week will be an easy recovery week.

Of course, the point system calculates all training as equal. Right now, at just under 3 weeks to the race,I need to be doing more quality training at race pace and less volume. The system doesn't account for that.

Becca completed her first half-marathon!

Yeah Becca! There are now 2 half-marathoners in the Butler family.

Oklahoma City Memorial 2008 Half-Marathon

Butler, Becca S (H1742)

Age: 23

Hometown: Wichita, KS
Checkpoint Times
Starting Line Crossing: 6:33:14 AM
Course Time: 00:00:00.000
Mile Pace: 0:00
10K Crossing: 7:37:58 AM
Course Time: 01:04:44.050
Mile Pace: 10:25
Finish Crossing: 8:51:38 AM
Course Time: 02:18:24.450
Mile Pace: 10:33

April 25, 2008

Peter King is at the Tour de Georgia


Pretty cool pictures.

April 21, 2008

New book

Just picked up "The Logic of Failure" by Dietrich Dorner.

According to Michael Crichton:

Future environmentalists will heed Dietrich Dorner's "The Logic of Failure." Mr. Dorner is a cognitive psychologist who invited academic experts to manage the computer simulations of various environments (an African herding society, a town in Maine). Most experts made things worse. Those managers who did well gathered information before acting, thought in terms of complex-systems interactions instead of simple linear cause and effect, reviewed their progress, looked for unanticipated consequences, and corrected course often. Those who did badly relied on a fixed theoretical approach, did not correct course and blamed others when things went wrong. Mr. Dorner concludes that our failure to manage complex systems such as the environment reflects bad habits of thought, overreliance on theory and lazy procedures. His book is brief, cheerful and profound.

Should be an interesting read.

April 4, 2008

Using the same 'ol playbook

In a news conference yesterday, Jack Del Rio defended Brian Williams alleged racist, sexist rant:
Ultimate Jaguars Newsroom: Team disputes DB arrest rant

"He basically said he did not make comments like that and was offended by the fact that it was said that he had," Del Rio said. "Brian has assured me he has a different version [of what occurred] and I think it's important to let the process play out here. You have two individuals that have a different interpretation of what occurred. He has the legal right to pursue and do the things he's doing and I think we have to allow that right to be carried out.

Gee, this sounds like Jimmy Smith and Tom Coughlin the fall of 2001:
Jags' Smith tests positive for cocaine in traffic stop 11/27/01

Smith, 32, has denied using cocaine or driving under the influence and said the test conducted by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement must be wrong. Coach Tom Coughlin backed his star player at his regular Monday news conference. Smith's attorney, Hank Coxe, said Smith has "directed his representatives to determine any possible reason that could have caused this result."

Turns out Jimmy had a problem and was eventually suspended by the NFL for 4 games.

At a time when the JSO is under siege by violent crime, the last thing we need is for the Jaguars to again question the veracity of a police officer.

Emily gets her ears pierced

We took Emily to Club Libby Lu last night to have her ears pierced. She hadn't really talked about having them pierced, so when she said she wanted to do it, I put her through the ringer to make sure she really wanted to have it done. Karen and I agreed that when the girls were old enough, it would be their decision to make. Daddy was sad, because it is just one more indication that his little girl is growing up. However, I was very proud of her when she barely winced when they shot the little diamond studs into her earlobes. Her eyes watered a little, but she said that was only because she was so happy.

April 2, 2008

Are they talking about the thug football team?

Actuarial Consultants Identify Hurricanes as Top Insurance Risk for 2008

Chelsea Clinton and global warming


Maybe she should stick to indignant retorts about rising temperatures in the Oval Office during her Dad's tenure.