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January 31, 2008

This is disgusting

Only in Berkeley. Next week, the council will vote on giving economic incentives to Al Qaeda.

January 28, 2008

Gore is the little boy at the table fighting for attention

Climate change 'significantly worse' than feared: Al Gore

Oooh! Oooh! Look at me! Give me some attention! Stop giving it all to those presidential candidates!

If this guy would put as much energy into things that we have complete control over, the world would be a better place. Even if we implement every single piece of the Kyoti Protocol, the return on investment is negligible and net effect on the environment is minor. The net effect on Mr. Gore's bank account would be tremendous. I guess he needs something to replace all of his royalty fees for inventing the Internet.

It was refreshing to read the comments for the above story. Folks are really starting to turn on this clown.

January 23, 2008

Modifications to the River Run course

Finishing in the stadium isn't the only change. The start will be on Bay Street, but will take a quick right and then a left to get back on Duval Street. After that, instead of turning left on Ocean to cross the Main Street bridge, we will continue on to Laura Street, take a left and go for a stretch down to Bay. We will run up the Main Street approach to the bridge. Once over the bridge, the loop on Riverplace Boulevard is removed. Instead, we will go down to Prudential Drive and pick up the traditional course there. No changes after that point until the new finish in the stadium. Here is the course on the USATF website.

Innovative race concept

The Pod Trod MP3-Mile Challenge is a trail race being held in May in Lawrence, KS. The race will have three or more 5k courses, but start and finish at the same place and time. According to the website, participants will download one of the course's instructions in MP3 format the night before or the morning of the race. It will be the "luck of the draw" as to which course is more difficult. Folks will have to pick up tokens along the race course to prove they completed the correct course.

I especially like the awards:

  • Trail Savant: 1st place M/F for each different course
  • Semi-TrailTarded
  • Special Idiot
  • Blind as a Cave-dwelling Fish
  • Instuctionally Hearing-impaired
  • Rock-banging Neo-Luddite
  • Lost beyond all Possible Reason

Pretty cool idea. I wonder if folks with a Garmin will have an advantage?

January 21, 2008

18-mile training run on the Breast Cancer race course

Ran 18 miles of the Breast Cancer Marathon course on Saturday morning in the rain and cold. James and I did everything except for the first and last 4 miles of the course, which is mostly on JTB. We met up with Josh and Erin after 3.5 miles and ran with them for a while. This is a step-down week for them, so they turned around after running with us for about 10 miles. They live around the 11 mile mark for the race, 7 mile mark for our run Saturday. We were able to stop, grab some water and use the bathroom. Could be convenient on race day!

Here is an overview of our run on Google maps.

Felt pretty strong on the run. The 2.25 mile section on the beach is going to be tough. For the most part, the course is flat. I'm still worried about those doggone bridges on JTB, especially coming home.

The run capped a good week of training. My legs were a bit tired for the long run because I decided to do my annual brickfest last week. A brick a day, with a minimum of 30 minutes. The bricks didn't have to be done consecutively, just 2 disciplines a day. It mostly boiled down to training runs, 3 trips to the pool, and a daily 30-minute session on the trainer, which was really good for recovery.

This week is a down week for me. I might do the Matanzas 5k on Saturday in St. Augustine and ride my bike back. Next week is a big week capped with a 20-miler. Then a 2 week taper. I'm also contemplating the Winter Beaches Run 10-miler the Sunday before the marathon. If I do it, it'll strictly be at race pace.

January 14, 2008

Garmin rocks!

The plastic quick release on my wristband broke when I was popping the 305 out Saturday morning. I just called Garmin and they apologized for the problem. They are sending me a replacement today!

I follow the Forerunner newsgroups on Yahoo and have read of the positive experiences folks have when they contact Garmin support. This experience affirms for me that Garmin is a quality company that stands behind their products.

January 11, 2008

Just registered for the River Run

Glad they eased up on the qualifying standards for a seeded number. I didn't enter many races last year, and the ones I did enter weren't my best. They dropped the standard for a 5k from 20:00 to 22:00. I finished the Tour de Pain 5k in 21:39, just squeaking by.

They really overhauled the qualifying standards. They also increased the number of seeded numbers from 1,000 to 1,500. Here's a look at the old versus the new:







5 mile









10 mile



1/2 Mar.






January 10, 2008

Can't make this stuff up

I subscribe to the Channel 4 mid-day news e-mail. After these two "news items" appeared in today's e-mail, I am questioning continuing my subscription:

Man Cuts Off Own Hand, Puts It In Microwave
One-Handed Grab Declared 'Smooth Move' Of 2007

Funny quote by Warren Buffett

It's only when the tide goes out that you learn who's been swimming naked.

Reminds me of a conversation I had with the CFO of an insurance company recently.  He said it was easy for insurance companies to make money the last couple of years with the soft market.  Now that things are hardening up, it will be interesting to see who made the right strategic business decisions and is still making money.

January 7, 2008

Spin class and back in the pool

Today was supposed to be a rest day, but I took yesterday off.  I made my first appearance at the Y in about 3 months, maybe more.  Jay led a great class, and afterwards I jumped in the pool.  More of a moral victory to get myself back in the pool for the first time since August 20th.  After 300 yards my arms were burning.  It's a start!

The Brooks Center will officially become a YMCA facility on February 1.  I need to be ready to use that pool!

January 4, 2008


My Y membership was just upgraded in a big way:

The following message is being sent to you on behalf of Paul McEntire, Interim CEO and President/COO of the YMCA of Florida's First Coast:

It is with great excitement that I inform you that our YMCA has received its largest donation ever. Brooks Rehabilitation has donated their 60,000 square foot wellness center just off the Butler Blvd. and Gate Blvd. interchange. The donation includes 9.65 acres of land as well as the contents of the building (wellness equipment and furnishings). The donation is valued at approximately $14 million.

That facility is awesome! I almost don't dread training for the swim if I get to use the pool at the "Brooks" Y.

They Might Be Giants in concert at Freebird on March 14th

Unfortunately for Emily, it isn't an all ages show. Only folks 14 and up will be admitted.

Here is the full upcoming schedule.

January 3, 2008

Answer to St. Johns River controversy?

Orlando wants to remove water from the St. Johns to supplement their freshwater supply. This is interesting. . .

Jacksonville's Financial News and Daily Record

It's no secret there's a major battle looming over who uses how much of the St. Johns River. What may be a secret, though, is an untapped water supply that could alleviate the problem. According to Carter Bryan of The Carter Bryan Group, there is a "major freshwater spring off Crescent Beach in the Atlantic Ocean that is pouring out millions of gallons of fresh water from the Florida aquifer and has been doing this for hundreds of years." Bryan said he has talked to former Gov. Claude Kirk about the untapped water supply and Kirk estimated there are 50-100 million gallons of fresh water a day coming out of the spring.

Seems to good to be true.