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December 21, 2007

Beer in the rear chicken

Beer in the rear chicken

We are having my family and Karen's family over for dinner tonight to
celebrate December birthdays. I smoked pork loins for 6 hours yesterday
so I didn't have to fool with them today. Preparing the chicken only
takes a couple of hours and very little oversight. They should be ready
right before the first guests arrive.

December 17, 2007

Beppy and Nunu's house looks like Christmas Vacation

Beppy and Nunu's house looks like Christmas Vacation

December 13, 2007

The Pope calls Al Gore a "prophet of doom"

Not directly, but Al certainly is the poster boy for the group he's referring to.
The Pope condemns the climate change prophets of doom

Pope Benedict XVI has launched a surprise attack on climate change prophets of doom, warning them that any solutions to global warming must be based on firm evidence and not on dubious ideology.

The German-born Pontiff said that while some concerns may be valid it was vital that the international community based its policies on science rather than the dogma of the environmentalist movement.

It continues to be dangerous to run in Jacksonville

I found out this morning that the victim was a 17-year-old girl. The most disturbing part is the driver didn't stop. She may have been killed instantly, but only an animal wouldn't stop to see if there was something that could be done. My prayers go out to the family. Losing a child is unthinkable. The Christmas holidays will never be the same for them.

Police seeking help in jogger hit-and-run death

A young woman jogging across Kernan Boulevard was killed Wednesday in a hit-and-run accident, authorities said.

Jacksonville police are searching for an unidentified vehicle that is believed to have collided with a truck, caused the truck to hit the woman and then left the scene.

The woman was jogging west out of a subdivision near Hunter's Haven Lane when the accident occurred about 5:30 p.m., said Ken Jefferson, spokesman for the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. The victim is unidentified but believed to be 16 to 20 years old, he said. She died at the scene.

The jogger's sneakers were found 15 feet away from her body.

Jefferson said the Sheriff's Office asks the public to call if they know any description of the vehicle or the driver.

December 12, 2007

They Might Be Giants are coming to Jacksonville in 2008

Just saw this in an e-mail from the Johns:

Austin, TX, Dallas, TX, Birmingham, AL, Bloomington, IN, Cleveland, OH,
Columbia, MO, Houston, TX, Jackson, MS, Jacksonville, FL, Ft. Lauderdale, FL,
Madison, WI, New Orleans, LA,
New York, NY, Omaha, NE, Orlando, FL, Tampa, FL

Not sure if the show in Jacksonville will be kid-friendly. Would be fun to take Emily and Maggie.

December 4, 2007

Time to start training for the marathon in earnest

First long run of DecemberTook some time off to fight some burnout. Now, 11 weeks from the race, I'm ready to get going. It wasn't a complete break, I still did some running and cycling, but it was enough to let my body recover some. The goal for today's run was to go for 90 minutes. I got a late start because I was out late last night going to the Gator game, but I still did 85 minutes. Thursday will be an alternating pace run totaling 10k (25 laps alternating between 5k pace and marathon pace). Then Saturday I'm supposed to do a long-ish run at race pace. Not sure how far I will go yet.

In the past, I have peaked early when marathon training, so maybe this is the right approach. . .

Back-to-Back Championship Banners

Back-to-Back Championship Banners

Went to Gainesville last night with Jimmy, Tommy and Kirby for the UF-JU
basketball game. I got to see the new banner for the first time. It's
been a while since a team repeated as champion. I wonder how long it
will be before it happens again.