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October 31, 2007

Join the Juggernauts

I'm officially signed up for the National Marathon To Fight Breast Cancer on February 1, 2008, also known as the Donna Hicken Marathon, or simply the Breast Cancer Marathon. Pete is going to run it as his first marathon, and Cap'n Everfit will be running as well.

Register and join the Juggernauts. I can't take credit for the team name, Molly Cardozo is to thank for that. Juggernaut is used to describe any literal or metaphorical force regarded as unstoppable that will crush all in its path. We like that, and the subtle humor. Now we need to design a logo and order the pink singlets.

October 30, 2007

Translation: Don't fine me bro!

ESPN - Georgia coach apologizes for celebration vs. Florida

Georgia coach Mark Richt apologized Monday for his team's raucous celebration after its first touchdown.

October 25, 2007

It's FL/GA week

One of my favorite cartoons (slightly modified):

October 24, 2007

Harry Reid is slipping

He blamed a crisis on someone (or in this case, something) other than GWB.

"One reason why we have the fires in California is global warming," Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) told reporters Tuesday, stressing the need to pass the Democrats' comprehensive energy package.

Of course, global warming is the new scapegoat for all sorts of problems. I guess it would be too obvious to blame the environmentalists that have sued to stop the city and private owners from clearing the underbrush using controlled fires.

October 17, 2007

ROFL! Found this on a message board

Since when did The Sporting World's moral compass go so awry? Maybe it has always been messed up, but the means by which it is messed up have escalated. Remember when cheating was Rosa Parks taking the subway during her "incredible" marathon victory? Now, it's about staying ahead of the drug testing capabilities with the latest in designer performance-enhacing drugs.

The response was swift:

I think you meant Rosie Ruiz. Rosa Parks took the bus :-)

October 16, 2007

11-mile run today

071016_StV_ORRFirst long run since my miserable trip around Lake Monona in Madison, WI last month. Felt pretty good today and kept the heart rate in check. I'm planning an easy bike ride for tomorrow and then the killer alternating pace 10k on Thursday. For that workout, you alternate laps between marathon pace and best 5k pace for 10,000 meters. I doubt I'll do the full 25 laps, maybe half. Friday is another recovery bike ride, and then 10-miles at marathon pace on Saturday.

Has he read the Bill of Rights lately?

Gore: Universal Health Care a 'Right'

In a setting reminiscent of a bored college student making a video in his dorm room, Gore is shown proclaiming that healthcare in America "ought to be a matter of right," addressing what he thinks to be an "immoral" healthcare situation.

Everyone should have access to health care, but to say universal coverage is a right is preposterous. Even so, the biggest problem in this country in terms of health isn't coverage, but instead behavior. And behavior is a personal choice, kind of like deciding whether or not to have health care coverage. I do think the health care system needs to be improved, but then again, we also need tort reform.
I just wonder how he expects the United States to fund universal health care and support the environmental policies he espouses.

October 9, 2007

The big pumpkin has appeared

The big pumpkin has appeared

An annual tradition in our yard the kids enjoy.

October 6, 2007

Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota

4 miles in OmahaRan 4 miles with Chris Frazier from EMC on Thursday morning. Omaha has a terrific trail system, with over 80 miles of paths. Thursday night I ate at Gorat's. Supposedly, this is Warren Buffett's favorite restaurant and he dines there frequently. Annual meetings for Berkshire Hathaway include dinner at Gorat's. I felt like I was eating in the dining room of a Morrison's or an S&S restaurant. The filet was OK.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to run Friday morning because of the rain. I thought I was escaping the rain by going to the Midwest. I certainly didn't want to pack wet, sweaty clothes in my bags for the flight home Friday afternoon. I drove up to South Sioux City, NE to meet with an insurance company. While there, I jumped across the border over to South Dakota so I can add it to the states I have visited. To get to South Sioux City, NE from Omaha, NE, you do most of the driving in Iowa. A cool perk is the rest stops in Iowa have free wireless! Uncool was the fact that thieves in North Omaha climbed cell towers this week to steal copper wiring and fixtures. Cell coverage was spotty as I was heading back to the airport and a client was trying to talk to me. She called me back 6 times, only to get cut off each time. Fortunately, I was able to get enough of a signal to get through to my boss to tell him to call her and explain my situation. Funny, but not cool.

The trip home was uneventful. My flight went through Memphis, TN and despite the crummy weather in Jacksonville, was not delayed at all. No more traveling for a while, I think.

Gore can't overcome the facts

Chilly reception for debate offer :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Steve Huntley

Bast says the ad campaign will continue until March, costing a total of $1.2 million. But he won't get a debate from Gore. Still, Heartland's effort serves the worthy purpose to spotlighting the need for an informed discussion on the severity of global warming and how best to deal with it, by trying to halt it or adapt to it. Gore offers a worst-case scenario of unmitigated disaster. If he's wrong about rising sea levels, what else is he wrong about?

Gee, why doesn't Gore ever want to debate folks that don't share his hysterical viewpoint? If he believes so strongly that humans are the cause of global warming, and because he is such a terrific orator, he should put anyone in shortpants that dare debate him on his pet cause. Unless he is wrong. Eloquent speaking skills can't overcome the facts. And Gore's version of the root cause of global warming is very profitable for him, since he sits on the board of a company that sells carbon credits. Kind of makes his protest that the Heartland Institute receives money from the oil companies look silly doesn't it?

October 3, 2007

I'm in Omaha

Going for a run tomorrow morning. Hopefully it will be better than Madison, WI last week.

On the first lg of my flight this morning I sat next to Mike McLamb's mom. Small world. Read Pre on the way to Omaha. Quick read, only ~160 pages. The guy who sat next to me from Atlanta to Omaha recommended I read Kenny Moore's new book about Bob Bowerman, Pre's coach at Oregon. Makes you wonder what could have been if Pre hadn't died so young.

Had dinner at Famous Dave's BBQ. It's a chain, but I've wanted to try it. Not too bad. I'll get a steak tomorrow night. Again, thinking back to last week's run in Madison. . .