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September 29, 2007

Training update

I'm having a hard time getting focused for the marathon in December. I think I'm about a month behind schedule, but in the past I think I heave peaked too soon.

On Tuesday I did a nasty 14-mile run in Madison, WI. I was hoping for a reprieve from the hot humid weather I have endured in Florida this summer. Nope. It was in the low 70's for the run and humidity was in 80's. It started raining on me a couple of times and I think my body was dehydrated and fatigued from driving 7 hours the day before. I went through a bottle of HEED, a gel, and a second bottle of water. Major bonk towards the end.

Thursday morning, Mike, James, John and I did speedwork at the track. About a 2 mile warm-up and then 3x1200 at a pace between 5k and 10k. Cool down was another 2 miles, for a total of just under 6 miles.

This morning was the 43-mile short loop. With Six Gap and the MS 150 this weekend, the thought was the ride wouldn't be as fast. Wrong. The ride was pretty much up-tempo and fast the entire way.

I'll be out late tonight driving down to Gainesville for the Florida-Auburn game, so I know I won't be running tomorrow morning. Maybe a tempo run tomorrow afternoon.

30 years and things haven't changed

Remembering Bjorn Lomborg's inspiration to start writing books on the environment, I looked up Julian Simon in Wikipedia.

Simon was one of the founders of free-market environmentalism. An article in Wired magazine titled The Doomslayer profiling Julian Simon inspired Bjorn Lomborg to write the book The Skeptical Environmentalist.

Although the article was from a 1997 issue of Wired, believe it or not, I had it on my shelf. Note to self, get rid of 10-year Wired magazine collection. The article is fascinating, and the theme of the dialogue from 30 years ago is similar to what we hear today. Folks flock to the gurus who claim the world is coming to an end, and largely ignore (or attack) the rational people who disagree and use facts to support their position. Kind of like Henrik Svensmark and his book The Chilling Stars.

Gee, it's about time

Duke president apologizes to accused lax players

Duke University President Richard Brodhead apologized Saturday for not better supporting the men's lacrosse players falsely accused in last year's highly publicized rape scandal.

Of course, the faculty members (the 'Group of 88') who openly attacked the players will never apologize.

While driving across the Midwest last week, I listened to the audiobook of It's Not About the Truth: The Duke Lacrosse Case and the Lives It Shattered. This book was co-written by the lacrosse coach, Mike Pressler, who maintained a journal during the entire scandal. Even the players will admit what they did was dumb, but listening to how the event spiraled out of control will make your blood boil.

Next up is the critically acclaimed Until Proven Innocent: Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustices of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case. Until Proven Innocent is co-written by the author of the Durham-in-Wonderland blog. The blog is mentioned often in It's Not About the Truth.

September 27, 2007

Just finished reading Between a Rock and a Hard Place

When I first heard the story, I thought it was fascinating. I didn't get around to buying the book until I saw it one day at Chamblin's. I should have paid attention to some of the reviews at Amazon. This review nailed the problem with the book. I could have handled a couple of the back stories to put the ordeal in context, but Ralston went WAAAAY over the top. The guy who wrote the above review also explains why it is hard to sympathize with Ralston:

Witness: 1) Aron camps in the Grand Tetons despite initially finding an aggressive black bear at his camp site. Aron spends the night anyway. The bear subsequently stalks Aron through waist-deep snow. Aron narrowly misses becoming a surrounding-area footnote in the book "Death In Yellowstone." 2) Aron foolishly leaps into Colorado River without a lifejacket, narrowly misses becoming a footnote in the book "Death in Grand Canyon" 3) Aron convinces two reluctant others to follow him into an slide zone. After a huge avalanche, one of the two reluctant others gets to experience death in Colorado, requiring rescue breaths to restart his life. Aron uses it as fodder in his book. 4) Two months later Aron places himself between a rock and a hard place, narrowly escaping death in Utah.

I have added the Dateline special DVD to my queue at Netflix. The entrapment and rescue portion of the book was very interesting, and apparently the DVD does a great job of presenting that story without all of the gratuitous filler found in the book.

September 24, 2007

Traveling woes

Tonight, somewhere between the hotel and the restaurant, the right rear tire of my car picked up a huge rusty bolt. As I pulled into the parking lot it was thumping so loudly I thought it was already flat. Nope. Just a giant bolt sticking out. Hertz sent out roadside assistance to change the tire. Now I have to have the tire repaired tomorrow after my meetings before I head back to Detroit. As my boss would say, just part of life's rich pageant. Grrrrr.

Running LMR tomorrow

Looking forward to a run around Lake Monona tomorrow morning. Weather could be yucky. Looks like high 60's and rainy.

September 22, 2007

At the Big House

At the Big House

Michigan v. Penn State. Watching the game with Nick, Dennis and Connie.

September 21, 2007

On my way to Detroit

On my way to Detroit

With Go Go Bananas as my navigator.

September 18, 2007

Testing moBlog

There really aren't any good mobile blogging tools.

UPDATE: Looks like there are fancy new mobile tools for folks using the iPhone. I have installed MT 4.0 and have been playing around with it. Now I have to fight the urge to replace the Treo.

Turning the screws

Mike McLamb showed his son Andrew a picture on Velonews of Jason McCartney standing out of the saddle launching his attack in the Tour of Missouri. Andrew paused for a second, smiled and said, 'He's turning the screws.' Mike said he had to wipe a tear from his eyes.

I was thinking of all of the other great sayings we have from cycling, many courtesy of the team of Liggett and Sherwen:

  • spot of bother
  • suitcase of courage
  • hurt cellar
  • on the rivet
  • race of truth

September 17, 2007

Gators 59 UT 20

Emily and her Dad at the Gator gameI remember saying the day before that I didn't want to go to a good game, I wanted to go to a blowout. The Gators certainly accommodated me with a booty whooping. Watching that game made it easier to sit in the insufferable conditions. Emily went to the game with me and was a champ. I made sure she always had something to drink, and loaded her up with some nachos to keep her going. When she started to get bore in the fourth quarter, I gave her my camera and she took pictures of whatever caught her fancy in the stadium. She also did a fairly good job of keeping up with the game.

The performance by the offense was what a lot of folks were expecting, but the defense decided to shine as well. Then again, the true test will come the first Saturday of October in Baton Rouge against LSU. Hopefully, the Gators won't look ahead and trip up at Mississippi or against Auburn. I think the team is probably looking forward to playing Auburn again.

September 13, 2007

Next book to order

I have Bjorn Lomborg's The Skeptical Environmentalist on my wishlist at Amazon. The author, a Danish statistician and former Greenpeace activist, set out to disprove the views of the late Julian Simon, who claimed that environmental fears were baseless and that the world was actually improving. To Mr. Lomborg's surprise, he found that Simon was mostly right. In today's WSJ, there is a review of Lomborg's new book, Chill Out.

From the review:

Mr. Lomborg--"liberal, vegetarian, a former member of Greenpeace," as he describes himself--is hard to fit into any pigeonhole. He believes that global warming is happening, that man has caused it, and that national governments need to act. Yet he also believes that Al Gore is bordering on hysteria, that some global-warming science has been distorted and hyped, and that the Kyoto Protocol and other carbon-reduction schemes are a terrible waste of money. The world needs to think more rationally, he says, about how to tackle this challenge.

Need to pick up a copy of that one as well.

September 11, 2007

Article on Rodney Brown's trip to Iraq

Nice article on Rodney's trip to Iraq to serve on the legal team prosecuting Saddam Hussein.

September 7, 2007

Sanibel Lighthouse

Sanibel Lighthouse

September 3, 2007

Jay attends the biggest upset in college history

App State 34 Michigan 32On several occasions at the early morning track sessions, while talking college football, this game came up as a topic of conversation. Jay graduated from App State, and was a placekicker on the football team. I called Jay during the game, and he said that several thousand Mountaineers made the trek to the big house. They certainly were rewarded with a big win.

Dinner at The Timbers

Dinner at The Timbers

Dinner with Dad, Mom, Beppy, Nunu and my girls.