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July 31, 2007

Happy Birthday Harry Potter

How do I know this piece of trivia? I just finished reading the seven Harry Potter books straight through this past Saturday. I started on June 17th of last month, so it took about six weeks. Overall, they were pretty entertaining. I now understand the hoopla surrounding the publication of the last book that pulled everything together. Thankfully no one spoiled the last book before I had a chance to read it. Karen and I now need to go see the movie based on the fifth book.

The weather is winning

Went out for a run this morning. Days like today make me wish I was in the pool instead. By the end of the run, it looked like I had been in the pool. With the Tour de Pain this weekend, I skipped the long run in favor of a run just under 6 miles. Friday night is the 4-mile race on the beach. Saturday morning is the 5k on a pretty flat, fast course. Saturday afternoon is the mile sizzler downtown, which last year was a mile steamer instead.

July 25, 2007

Bike intervals on the trail

Met up with Mike and Peter at the trail this afternoon. After a brief warm-up I did 2 x 10 miles at race pace plus a little. Haven't downloaded the data from the Forerunner yet, but I'm pretty sure I averaged over 24 mph for both intervals. HR was a bit high, but it was pretty hot out there as well, The effort didn't seem too unbearable. For the Hammerhead Triathlon at the end of August I would like to average 22.5 on the bike and still have plenty in the tank for the run.

Speed, HR data.


July 23, 2007

Resource for training on the road

Found a new website that lists gyms that are located within airports or within a short drive of an airport.

Joe Reger ran the Vermont 100

Pretty awesome accomplishment. I've considered training for a 50-mile ultra, but running 100 through mountains? Wow.

Emily completes her first triathlon

070721_Emily_Triathlon 029

Nothing compares to the smile on Emily's face after finishing her first triathlon. That is a memory I will cherish forever. Great job Emily!

July 20, 2007

Emily is competing in her first triathlon tomorrow morning

The Ponte Vedra YMCA is sponsoring a kid's triathlon to raise money for the Share the Y campaign. Emily attended a clinic last Sunday afternoon to learn about the different parts of the race. For some unfortunate reason, I talked to the kids about the swim leg of the race. Do as I say, not as I do kids!

Emily's race will be a 25-yard swim in the pool, then bike 2 miles, and run ¼ mile. We have done a couple of bike-run bricks in the neighborhood, so she is ready.

I think I might put the Garmin on her to record this for posterity.

Running in Birmingham ain't like running in Jacksonville

Ran a little over 5 miles with Mark Robertson this week while in Birmingham. It was really interesting to look at the elevation data at MapMyRun for that run.

July 17, 2007

This sounds like fun

On July 28, from noon to 4:00 pm, Velocity Multisport Coaching is sponsoring a contest to see who can hold the highest power on the bike for 5 mins at the Trek Store in Mandarin. They will use the power numbers from the Tour, and set up your bike on a computrainer and see who has the best power-to-weight ratio for men and women. The time trial and the food (from Native Sun) are free!

Making every hotel room wireless

Just ordered the D-Link pocket wireless router. Anxious to see how it does eliminating the need for wired connections in hotel rooms that don't offer wireless.

July 12, 2007

Rat Terrier 1 Cap'n Everfit 0

From James:

In my best Phil Liggett bombastic impersonation, " AND CARDOZO GOES DOWN!!! My oh my that was a nasty fall!"

Taken out by a rat terrier on a lunch time ride. just started to rain and dog came out of no where while I was in aerobars. Swerved and lost traction. Some minor road rash and likley left hip bruising. Was able to keep arms in so no shoulder or collar injuries(thank god)! To add insult to injury the little bastard came back for more while I was lying in the road and I had to yell at the little @#$! to go home. Little dogs suck!

Glad James is OK.

Mike came back with the perfect Paul Sherwin retort:

"Where on Earth did the rodent find the strength to up-end Cap'n Everfit? I can't believe it."


Sorry knee = no track for me

Decided against doing speedwork this morning. My right knee was sore yesterday from Tuesday's long run. Decided hard running on the track would not be a good idea. Maybe a swim or easy spin this evening.

July 10, 2007

Tough run this morning

I wanted to do an 11-12 mile run today. Met up with Mike and headed for StV, where we met James. We ran together to 5 Points and Mike, looking to do 6-7 miles, turned around to head back home. James and I ran to downtown and did a bridge loop. It was hot and humid. According to the weather alert on my phone when I woke up, it was 79 degrees at 5 am.

I ran with a bottle of HEED, and took a gel around 45 minutes. The gel certainly put some bounce in my legs, if only for what seemed like 10 minutes. James dropped off at StV, and I headed home. According to the Garmin, it was 11.3 miles, but it took 1:35:00. A lot slower than I would like, but I did keep the HR in the 150s. I checked my running log, and last year I ran 11 on the same date, but it only took 1:27:00. Not only that, but I wasn't working hard last year, as my average HR was 149. Very depressing, until I looked back in my blog for an entry regarding that work-out. Suddenly, a smile appeared when I found this entry and these two words: unseasonably cool. Today was seasonably hot, so maybe my running fitness isn't as bad as I thought.

July 6, 2007



I'm on the deck grilling my dinner. This guy is hunting his dinner.



On Tuesday morning, I set out for an 11-mile run. About 3 miles into it, I just wasn't feeling it and headed home. Although it was hot and humid, if I could've found a bathroom I may have been able to continue. Was feeling a little heavy, you know? Total mileage for the morning was 6 miles.

Tuesday afternoon, the plan was to do a 5-mile run (Ortega River Run course) to get my mileage in for the day. I started off feeling pretty good, and was maintaining an 8:00/mile pace, but going over the US 17 bridge was a real booger. A thunderstorm was rolling in and the wind was blowing me sideways. Looking at the HR chart, I maxed out at 165, so nothing too terrible. But for some reason, once I got on McGirts, the HR spiked. Way up there. I couldn't muster energy to save my life. I was carrying a bottle of Heed and started hitting it pretty good, but still no luck. The last 3 miles were miserable. There are a couple of dips in the chart, and that is where I slowed down and walked for a little bit.

Still not sure what happened on Tuesday. I didn't do anything on Sunday, and only swam 3000 yards on Monday. I took Wednesday off. Yesterday I swam 3000 and did a 25-mile bike ride. I felt fine. Today is another swim and then another 60-mile long loop ride tomorrow.

July 5, 2007


I made some changes to the blog over the holiday, including adding support for entry tags. As a result, it will be necessary to re-subscribe to the RSS feed. I am now handling my RSS feeds through Feedburner, so in the future if I make changes it won't be necessary to change subscriptions. Here is the new RSS feed. Please let me know if you notice any funkiness with the website.

There will most likely be additional changes soon. Movable Type 4 is in testing, but from what I have seen so far, I will make the jump when it is out of beta.

July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July

070704_4th_of_july 004

Emily and Maggie getting ready to go out and watch the fireworks.

BBQ turned out great

The meat fell off the bone on the ribs, and the pork loin was very tasty. The smoke ring on the loin wasn't as pronounced as some in the past, but it was still there. I was constantly trying to regulate the temperature today for some reason. For most of the day, it was either 200 or 250 degrees. There was a spot in the middle where it was right on the money. Nonetheless, fantastic BBQ.


As Mike Sinelli says, today is a national smoking day of obligation. The others are Memorial Day, Labor Day, Presidents Day (that's when we used to compete in The Flaming, an annual BBQ contest that was held until a couple of years ago), plus a few others.

Today I'm smoking St. Louis style pork spareribs and a pork loin.

Smoked BBQ Ribs
220 degrees (7 hours) or 200 degrees (9 hours)

1:00 Spritz, add wood
2:00 Spritz, add wood
3:00 Spritz, add wood
4:00 Spritz, add wood
5:00 Spritz, wrap
7:00 Pull and carve

Smoked BBQ Pork
220 degrees (6 hours)

1:00 Spritz, add wood
2:00 Spritz, add wood
3:00 Spritz, add wood
3:30 Spritz, add wood
4:00 Spritz, wrap
6:00 Pull and carve

The first column is elapsed time. For both, I've used the Electric Bill rub. An award-winning rub developed by Pete during a cold Chicago winter and captured on the back of an electric bill (duh!). The Electric Bill recipe is a secret, but can be acquired by asking nicely.

I'm using black cherry wood and my Brinkman smoker.


July 3, 2007


Pipe Bomb-Like Device Explodes at Disney

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) - A device similar to a pipe bomb exploded in a trash can early Monday at a remote parking lot at Walt Disney World, authorities said. No one was injured and no serious damage was reported in what officials called "an isolated incident."

Orange County sheriff's deputies responded to a 12:30 a.m. call from Disney. An employee heard a loud noise and saw white smoke coming from the can near the Downtown Disney shopping and entertainment district, Sheriff Kevin Beary said.

Several recent FSU recruits were unavailable for comment.

July 1, 2007

Rode the long loop yesterday

Did the Open Road 40-mile ride yesterday. Including the ride to and from the shop, it was just under 60 miles. Was a little apprehensive before the ride, but confidence from last month's ride made it easier.

HR Data: