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May 16, 2007

Hopefully this won't happen

Got a call from Drew at City Cycle. He said that if I flat this weekend, my race is over. Apparently he had a difficult time putting the new tires on the rims. I immediately think of the stories I heard about the Disney 70.3 last year when lots of folks had flats in one stretch of the road. I also remember Peter King telling me about the popping sounds coming from the transition area the morning of the race. Overinflated tires expanding in the heat is a scary thought.

Since the tires are new, the prospect of them getting cut is low. However, the possibility of a pinch flat still remains. Mike has let me race on these wheels many, many times and they have always performed flawlessly. I remain optimistic. I certainly will be waiting until Sunday morning to pump them up, and even then will stay well within the limits.