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March 7, 2007

Tapping into the winning Gator karma

For Christmas, Karen ordered me a Tri-Gator racing set. I just found out that the uniforms are set to arrive March 23rd. Sweet! I have always enjoyed seeing the Tri-Gator uniforms at the races, and although my college days are long behind me, it's pretty neat I can join in on the fun.

Go Gators!


I always thought that many of the Florida schools had nicknames unique to the state: Gators, Seminoles, Hurricanes, Ospreys. A fine looking set of togs for sure. Despite the pain of witnessing FSU's attempt to play men's major sports (baseball has a chance), I remain loyal to my original alma mater. I actually grew up in Orange Park rooting for both Gators and Noles. Maybe ol' SOS ruined it for me. So long as you don't Pitino your hair, wear a visor and ride with a golf club, I'll ride with you as you fly the colors.

We are SO proud of you. And we all wish we could fit in that Tri-Gator uniform. YOU ROCK...

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