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October 31, 2006

Pumpkin Run misery

Tested out the back Saturday morning with an easy 2-mile run. Sharp pains the rest of the day. Karen didn't want me to leave the house Sunday morning with my running clothes because she was afraid I would do something dumb.

I ended up getting out of the house with my running stuff, but was reminded to "make good choices." I saw a bunch of my friends before the race and wished them all well. Once the race started, I decided I was going to only do the 5k as promised and not be tempted to do the 10-mile race. I caught up with Erin just before the one mile mark and ran with her. She was doing the entire race and shooting for 8:00 splits. We hit them all pretty close. At the 5k point I headed for the finish line and she kept going. Honestly, it was very tough not to do the entire race. But then I thought about the big picture.

After I finished, I grabbed a bagel and some Gatorade and found a spot to watch the rest of the 2-loop race. I cheered on a bunch of friends through the first loop and then when the leaders came by on the second loop I went to the finish line to see the finish.

Everyone I talked to had a great race. Conditions were perfect. I ran my 3rd slowest 5k ever and ended up with an age group award for 3rd place. Ha.

I haven't run since the race, but I think I'm going to be able to start training again tomorrow. The back is feeling much better.

Big picture, remember the big picture. . .