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August 4, 2006

Tour de Pain begins tonight

The Tour de Pain starts tonight with a 4-mile run on the beach at 7:30. Tomorrow morning at 7:30, we will run a 5k at the 1st Place Sports store in Baymeadows. The series concludes tomorrow afternoon at 4:30 with a 1-mile sizzler at the Jacksonville Landing. I've been drinking water all day to prepare myself for the hot conditions.

UPDATE: Finished the 4-mile run in 29:10. Very disappointed with my time. Wasn't as hot, but it was very gusty. Thunderstorms were rolling in and the wind was swirling. Although it was an out and back course, it felt like we had a tailwind for a brief time after the turnaround. The rest of the time it was either in our face or blowing from the side.

UPDATE 2: I broke the 21-minute barrier for the second time ever in a 5k with a time of 20:56. Folks have said the course is pretty fast. I have to agree. Splits were 6:34, 6:48, 6:57, and :37. My aggregate so far is 50:06. I would like to finish under 56 minutes, so I need to rip off a 5:54 mile tonight. Possible? I suppose. Likely? Unsure.

UPDATE 3: Sub-six wasn't happening yesterday afternoon. My legs were aching, and in a pre-race jog, we discovered how nasty the course was. The first quarter mile of the out and back course was a gentle decline. The second quarter featured a flat section and then a short gentle incline. Turn around and now you have a short decline, a flat section, and then a quarter mile running gently up to the finish. It starting raining lightly just before the start. After a couple of false readys, it was time to go. Our heat (men 39 and under) took off like a rocket because of the pent up anxiety waiting at the start. Just before the quarter mile mark, we came out of the shade of the buildings and you could feel the steam rising from below. The first quarter took 1:17. Way too fast. I turned around at the halfway point somewhere around 2:45. I was losing gas fast, and the guy I had a one second advantage over in my age group went past. I tried to hang on, but he surged and left me in the dust. I tried to dig deep, but there wasn't much there. I ended up finishing in 6:18. I finished 10th in the age group for the series. James won our age group and Josh took 4th in the 30-34 age group.