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July 25, 2006

Vestcor Bridges 5k

Ran the Vestcor Bridges 5k Saturday night. Not a very fast course, especially for us flatlanders here in Florida. The race starts in front of City Hall, does a quick out and back and then heads over the Main Street Bridge to the Southbank. Then it's over the Acosta Bridge back to the Northbank and finishes in front of City Hall. The two bridges slow folks down, especially the Acosta. I think it's around an 8% grade for a half mile. Of course, it can be quick coming down, but when you hit the bottom you still have a little over half a mile to go.

I started the race too fast. At the first turnaround, James yelled at me to pace myself. I wasn't too far behind him. I clicked off the first mile in 6:20. Yikes, way too fast. The second mile takes you over the Main Street and to the top of the Acosta. That mile was obviously slower, a 7:10 split. Going up the Acosta was tough. I haven't been doing much hill work recently, and it shows. The mile coming down the Acosta and back to City Hall was a little faster, around a 7:04 split. I tried to pick up the pace for the last tenth of a mile, but it was a :43 split. Finishing time was 21:17.

Actually, that was a good time for me in this race. Last year I ran it in 21:56. It was hot this year, but right before the race started some cloud cover rolled in to keep the sun off of us.

I did the Saturday morning Open Road group ride the morning of the race just like last year. It was a fairly up-tempo ride. I think everyone was inspired by Floyd Landis and wanted to get home to watch the time trial.

James finished 2nd in our age group with a 19:05. My friend Richard Fannin finished 3rd. I finished 4th.

Also running was Josh and Leigh, plus my friends from the Y, Bill Bishop and Leah Pust.

Next race: Tour de Pain.

UPDATE: Race results posted.