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March 30, 2006

GRIPE: Too much content

There are just too many cool ways to get content nowdays. Between RSS feeds, audiobooks, podcasts, Netflix, Tivo, and RadioTime (think Tivo for radio), there is so much cool stuff to absorb. Plus of course traditional books, magazines, newspapers, etc.

Cost isn't a major factor, but time is. I wish there was a Johnny Mnemonic way to load all of this content into my brain daily (and enjoy it, no potential for death, unlike the movie). Listening while working isn't really an option, because I'm on the phone quite a bit. I have no commute. Of the 5 hours I have exercised this week, I have trained by myself for only 2 hours. Of those 2 hours, 1.5 were in the pool and I don't have a waterproof case for the Nano yet.

I guess it comes down to priortization and being picky with content until I can get that brain implant.

UPDATE: I forgot about Pandora and XM Radio.