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Tough run this morning

I wanted to do an 11-12 mile run today. Met up with Mike and headed for StV, where we met James. We ran together to 5 Points and Mike, looking to do 6-7 miles, turned around to head back home....

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Another track comparison

Here is another comparison of track work-outs. We ran in a light mist this morning, and it was very humid. John and I were discussing how it always seems like we have a headwind on the back straightaway, but never...

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11.5 mile run this morning

Ran to downtown, across the bridges and back. James joined me at St. Vincent's. Very humid. I lost about 5.5 pounds. Maintainedan 8:00/mile pace, but the HR crept up toward the end. Went without fluids, so it was probably dehydration....

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