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July 01, 2007

Rode the long loop yesterday

Did the Open Road 40-mile ride yesterday. Including the ride to and from the shop, it was just under 60 miles. Was a little apprehensive before the ride, but confidence from last month's ride made it easier.

HR Data:


Ah, 'twas a good ride. You can feel the difference between a fast but steady ride like last Sat. and a jumpier one like May 5th. We had a good finish as well. A little racing tactics of jump and follow, cat and mouse--love that stuff. We almost caught ol' Stanford Gonavy, but just couldn't quite close the gap. We were really gassed at the end, but that's what keeps it fresh and fun. Now that you feel more comfortable with the pack dynamics and the physical demands of doing that kind of ride, you should be able to long loop it anytime. Nice progress in a short period of time.

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