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June 27, 2007

The Fairness Doctrine

So, talk radio skews too far to the Right?

House Republican lawmakers are preparing to fight anticipated Democratic efforts to regulate talk radio by reviving rules requiring stations to balance conservative hosts such as Rush Limbaugh with liberals such as Al Franken.

Hmm. NPR admittedly has a leftward slant, and is partially funded by the federal government. I haven't heard folks on the left complaining about the need to guarantee the diversity of views on NPR. This news is also interesting after reading a recently released report that shows in a survey of 143 journalists, 91% have contributed to a liberal cause.


I never figured out what a 'liberal or conservative cause' is exactly. Is there a set of narrow guidelines for each one or does a possible range exist? Do other entities exist or should we all try to fit into the most appropriate side? Why don't the 60% of us who occupy the middle ground have our own moderate cause to represent a diverse majority view. Nobody speaks of us. No Larry King or O'Hannity factor for us. Perhaps we should scream more as that may sell more soap or cars and garner more air time. The only way political dialogue in the US can get worse is a civil war and those usually leave a society going, 'Oops'. We seem too busy trying to label other viewpoints instead of understanding them, that I'm not sure we even understand our own views. For some reason undiscernable to me, people's reactions to other's opposing views are so knee-jerk bitter. No reflection or acknowledgement of diverging opinion. Just vehement name calling. At some time we're all guilty of that behavior but the left/right, liberal/conservative terms are bandied about like longshoreman curse words. I know that we all cannot get along and that no politician feels our pain. However, how on God's greenspace did common courtesy and the appearence of civility vanish. Have we no decency?

I agree public discourse has become too shrill, and opposing views are often expressed by name calling. My conservative friends in academia can attest to this. However, I don't think that the stereotype that some causes are 'left/liberal' and others are 'right/conservative' is unfounded. Regarding the moderate middle position, I'm not sure that view has been represented in quite a while.

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