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June 09, 2007

Team MetaMarshall!

Go team! Great race today for the relay team.

James and I left the neighborhood at 0600. Got checked in and body marked. Saw Freddy (the registrar) and confirmed I was doing the whole race as a relay. Yep.

Great swim, although it seemed like every time I got into a rhythmn I was banging into someone. Swim was 7:23 and T1 was 2:08. T1 seemed to take longer than in the past but I think they moved the timing mats. I don't remember timing mats on the beach before the sand path in the past.

The bike was pretty good, and I passed a ton of people. Since I was a relay team, I had to start in the next to last wave with the Clydesdales, Athenas, Physically Challenged and all of the other relays. The only group to start after my wave were the novices. No one passed me on the bike. There were some pretty good groups of congestion, and several instances of folks riding 2 abreast. Coming into T2, I was taking my feet out of my shoes when one of the shoes came unclipped, after I had taken my foot out. Grrrr. I had to circle back towards the shoe and a volunteer picked it up and tossed it to me. I had to run the last 30 yards before the dismount line pushing my bike. The bike section took 27:31. T2 was a snappy 42 seconds, only because I was ticked about losing time at the end of the bike.

The run felt comfortable, maybe too comfortable. I think I should have pushed a little harder. I passed a bunch of people on the run, and was only passed by a couple of guys I had already passed a quarter of a mile before the finish. The run was a pedestrian 22:55. Definitely could've done better.

The goal was to break an hour, and I came in at 1:00:38. It was a close call, and the shoe mishap would've made it even closer.

This was also the first time I have raced with the Tri-Gator uniform. It's a lot of fun to hear folks yell "Go Gators" as you go by. This includes spectators and other racers.

Karen, Molly and all of the girls showed up shortly after I finished. Did a little socializing with Chris Neri, Richard Fannin, Greg Umberger, Lyndon Box, Doug Skiles and Lori McLamb. I went to check the results and immediately started laughing. I had won the men's relay division. During the awards ceremony, one of the volunteers gave me a little guff when I went to pick up my award. Not my fault, my runner cancelled.

I laugh when I think about Freddy telling me to keep it quiet that he was letting me do the entire race. Oops.

UPDATE: Here are the full results.