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March 13, 2006

Looking for good cheesecake?

Last December, I stumbled across an article in the Financial News and Daily Record about a lady in town that was the former caterer for the Atlanta Falcons and is famous for her cheesecakes. My curiosity was piqued, despite the fact the article said Deion Sanders is her biggest cheesecake customer. I mean, what does he know about taste? You've seen the suits he wears.

Yesterday was my parent's 41st wedding anniversary. So on Friday, I decided I had a special occasion to order one of these cheesecakes. I gave Cherryllean Rogers a call. She is a very nice lady and went through all of the flavors available. Wow! My parents really like strawberry cheesecake (apparently so does Deion, maybe he has better taste than I thought), so I placed the order for one. To make sure the cake was fresh, Cherry delivered it Sunday morning. No kidding! And man, what a cheesecake. It was fluffy and light, not a cheese paperweight like a lot of other cheesecakes I've had in the past. It was a huge hit at lunch. Any fitness gains made by running the River Run were eliminated by this dessert. I would highly recommend Cherry's Cheesecakes and Delights to anyone looking for a special dessert.